Innolift in stock

We have all models of Innolift in stock, available now. Innolift offers you faster delivery and the best solution to load and unload your cargo at your customers.

INNOLift after two years

After two years of intensive usa at Slovenian Post, INNOLift IM unit required only regular maintenance inspection and new 44Ah battery. INNOLift offers a very comfortable ownership and maintenance.

Polyurethane wheels

Innolift is moving with polyurethane wheels, produced by German producer Blickle. Than kinda wheels are quiet, smooth and yet floor protective.

New electric motor made in Slovenia

This year Innolift came with new 0,8 kW electric motor wich sounds a lot quieter and is more efficient. Electric motor is made by company Mahle in Slovenia. Innolift is now made from quality parts from Finland, Germany and Slovenia!

Catering solution

If you are in a catering business you can load and unload a full refrigerator with Innolift without effort and additional workers. With only one device on your vehicle!