Difference between Multi Trolley and standard moving


MULTI TROLLEY – the unique professional transport/moving cart


At first glance it seems like an ordinary transport cart but Multi Trolley will make you sure you can move furniture with less effort. Swedish producer Multi Trolley AB developed and pattened transport cart Multi Trolley based on 40 years experience in moving industry. This unique product has reached international success and appreciation.


Multi Trolley can optimize your efficiency and lower the number of injuries. If you need two employees to move one sofa, with Multi Trolley only one person can move it without much effort. Advanced equipment shows to your customers you are a professional company.


Transport carts Multi Trolley are designed and produced in Sweden. It is a high quality product with 250 kg of loading capacity. Producer estimates it can serve you from 3 to 5 years even in case of everyday intense use. Multi Trolley comes in two different models, Standard 6.0 and Worker 6.0.

  • one person can move object instead of two persons
  • adjustable to your need, from moving service to industry
  • high quality Swedish product, made in Europe