• Innolift IL1000.1000 1000 kg

  • IL1000.1000


Frendix Innolift IXL800/1250

Self loading forklift Innolift IXL800/1250 is designed for trucks and higher delivery vehicles, but can be used in a warehouse as well. The only forklift wich lifts a cargo and itself into your vehicle. So you have a tail lift and a pallet forklift in one device. With electric lifting system, model IXL800/1250 lifts 800 kg, 125 cm high (loading height is 115 cm). Battery can be charged also while driving in your vehicle (12V).

It is suitable for large panel vans and box vans: panel vans H2 and H3, box vans, lower trucks, etc.

Innolift features: small own weight, it stays stationary parked under your load and takes only 35 cm of space, useful also in a warehouse, you can use one Innolift on all of your vehicles. When you need a completley empty and unloaded vehicle, you simply leave Innolift at warehouse because it is not fixed on your vehicle. If you have a trailer you can use it on a trailer as well.

  • overall lowered height: 1700 mm
  • overall extended height: 2800 mm
  • power: electric motor 0,8 kW
  • lifting height: 1250 mm
  • loading height: 1150 mm
  • own weight: 253 kg
  • loading capacity: 800 kg
  • battery: 44 Ah, 12V
  • charging: 220 V, optional 12 V
  • wheels: polyurethane, Blickle
  • adjustable for: all large panel van H2, H3 and box vans